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Keep Your Vehicle In Showroom Condition With Majestic Royalty Club Maintenance Plans
Majestic Auto Spa & Detailing

858 Westwood St., Coquitlam, B.C. V3C 3L2

Summer Hours : Monday - Saturday : 9:00am - 7:00pm
Regular Hours : Monday - Saturday : 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday : By arrangement only

Phone : 778-895-9274 | Email :

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*prices may vary due to condition of vehicles and Service subjected to availability
Maintenance Plans

Once we have detailed your vehicle, you will be eligible to sign up for our Majestic 
Royalty Club Maintenance Plans. This will help you keep your vehicle in showroom
condition longer and prevent cosmetic wear and tear. Each maintenance package ensures
proper car care, not just the painted surfaces of your car but also all of the trim, wheels, interior and leather. As an MRC member, appointments are not required; we will detail your car on your schedule.  We treat every vehicle with the utmost care and attention to ensure we exceed the expections of our customers.  Let us take care of your "baby" and treat it as if it were our own.  Our work and premises are fully licensed, insured and, guaranteed. You are also entitled to hassle-free pick up and delivery at no extra charge within Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody area.

12 Majestic Maintenance Packages 
12 Majestic Maintenance Packages + 1 complete interior detail 
12 Majestic Maintenance Packages + 1 one step polish 
12 Majestic Maintenance Packages+ 1 Connoisseur detail 
$432 ($540 value) Savings of $108
$572 ($715 value) Savings of $143
$591 ($739 value) Savings of $148
$712 ($890 value) Savings of $178
Correction/Coating Maintenance Plan

This package is strictly reserved for those vehicles that have previously received one of majestic auto spa and detailing corrective or ceramic coating services, and simply need a quick clean up. This is a great way to ensure the rigorous polishing we performed does not go to waste in the automatic car wash, and the expensive coating we applied lasts as it should. In addition, all ceramic coating services will be guaranteed during protection period specific to each coating applied.
• Inspection of paint, coating.
• Front end light bug removal
• Full exterior swirl free hand wash with Dual Bucket System not to induce any swirls or scratches
• ph-balanced shampoo
• Wheels, tires and wheel wells are carefully cleaned tires are dressed with high gloss shine wheel-wells
  are conditioned
• Door Jambs, Inside Gas Door rinsed, Cleaned and dried including trunk
• Microfiber waffle towel dried
• Exterior Windows and Mirrors are cleaned
• Exterior surfaces decontaminated to remove any bonded contaminants that may affect the durability of
  the coating or sealant
• one time application of appropriate ceramic coating booster at the end of your yearly maintenance 

12 Custom hand wash +1 application of coating booster + frequent inspection of paint/coating $408 ($510 value) Savings of $102
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Ph : 778-895-WASH (9274)